UNBC Global Health Initiative Sponsor

This week we were contacted by a student at the UNBC Medical Program who was looking for sponsors for this years Global Health Initiative Fundraiser. This gave a great new reason to issue a new discount code! 10% off, and 10% will be given to the students!

The discount code is: HelpNepal! and can be plugged in at pgclean.com/bookings

The Cause!

What a great opportunity to help out another community so in need. Its wild to think that just one month in to this business I'll have the chance to help people halfway across the world!

The Sickle Cell Screening project involves a group of 8 medical students traveling to Dang Province to draw and screen blood samples from a community of approximately 2000 individuals for the Sickle Cell trait, a disorder affecting the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Those diagnosed will be provided with counselling, and with increased awareness we hope the Nepali government will provide medical support and funding for these individuals. We estimate it will cost $10 in materials for each person screened. All money raised for this project will go directly to the community screening project, and funding support staff from Kathmandu to oversee this project. 


There is a link to the page from last year, you can go there to see videos and pictures from the trip or read a little about the trip and the people involved.

The Fundraiser!

The fundraiser will be held at UNBC on Feb 25. PG Clean has provided a 100$ gift certificate to be sold in a silent auction, as well as issued a discount code that will get the customer 10% off, while another 10% will be donated to the students.

Feel free to use the discount code to earn these students some well deserved dough!