A New Start To An Established Reputation

August 2018

After exchanging ownership with my friend Morgan, I have learned that running a cleaning business takes a lot out of your day to day life (at least more than a 9-5). The customers have been great and our staff has worked hard to make our customers happy. I am looking forward to the future of growing this company and furthering our relationships!


As of spring, we have decided to change our processes from how they were being run in the past. Having an automatic booking system had caused conflicting customer/employee expectations, which only made for unsatisfied customers. Now that we have introduced free estimates, operations have been smooth sailing. Natalija, our new supervisor, has been great at explaining exactly what job is going to be completed after an estimate. 

Our commercial and janitorial work has been on that rise and with that comes more employment. We try to offer the best work experience with fair wages for our employees so that we can hold onto long term staff. They are the backbone to having a healthy business and I try my best to treat everyone with respect. 

Just wanna say thanks to everyone who has been apart of PG Clean - our customers on all ends of the commercial, janitorial, and residential side, and to the great staff that has been involved in making this year a success. There will be more posting in the months to come.