The Hart

Including: Old Summit Lake, South Kelly Gardens, Nechako Heights, Birchwood Heights, Ingala Heights, Rundstrom, Valleyview Park, Glenview Estates, Weisbrod, Ranchland, Emerald Estates, Northside Park, Old Summit Lake


Chief Lake

Including: North Kelly Estates, Anderson, Neilson, Fox Estates, Woodlands, Dennis, Peter, Domagala, Sabay


College Heights

Including: College Heights, Southridge, St. Lawrence Heights, Marleau, University Heights


Cranbrook Hill

Including: Charella Garden, University Heights


The Bowl

Including: The Crescents, Millar Addition, Seymour, South Fort George, Van Bien, Heritage North, Meadow, Heritage, Van Bien, Van Bow, VLA


North Nechako

Including: North Meadows, Bench Drive, Edgewood Terrace, Nechako View



Including: Lalonde, La Frenier, Parkridge, Vanway, Haldi, Sykes, Nolan, Western Acres, Jensen, Blackburn, Tabor, and Pineview


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